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Hung Lee Construction and Decoration Limited is a local contractor established in 1979 and re-organized into a limited company in 2001. It has been registered as a Registered General Building Contractor, Registered Specialist Contractor in the Categories of Demolition, Site Formation, Foundation and Ground Investigation Field Works and Registered Electrical Contractor under the Building Ordinance. Our nature of work involves principally building contracting which covers general building construction and renovation, building demolition, ground investigation, site formation, foundation, slope stabilization, ground treatment, drainage repairs, basement construction and related construction. We have an experienced workforce consisting of specialist engineers to manage projects, a strong design team and skillful and highly experienced site staff.

Hung Lee was the main contractor for the constructions of the Indoor Recreation Centre of Cheung Chau Island, the Special School for Moderately Mentally Handicapped Children at Kwai Shing and the Yan Chai Hospital's Tung Chi Ying Memorial Prevocational School at Man On Shan.

To achieve effective management control, we have simplified various levels of communication during the construction phase of a project. The Company Organization Chart indicates the flow of order with which the right person can be reached in the shortest route for the right nature of the project. Personal attendance as well as immediate response to every enquiry has been our commitment so as to prove our services and to build up market reputation. More than 50 percent of our business has come from repeated clients, which indicates that we have successfully met our goal of establishing and maintaining good client relationships by our excellent performances.

The company is also built on a clear customer service model and an understanding of customers individual needs. As no two projects have the same restrictions and requirements, we do not run projects as routine, but tailor best possible solution for each client. As part of our vigilant effort to maintain and enhance the companys reputation for ethic, honesty and integrity and providing appropriate quality construction services, we are committed to make each job meet our standards, and those of our clients and the industry.